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Custom Gowns

Let's collaborate to bring the vision of your one-of-a-kind wedding gown to life! A custom wedding gown will be unlike anything you'll find in any store, it will be designed and created to fit your individual style and to perfectly flatter your body.                  

What's it like to have a wedding gown designed just for you? We'll begin with a
complimentary design consultation where you'll share your ideas and preferences for your custom wedding gown with me. Tell me about your wedding, the venue, the theme, the season. I'll show you fabric swatches and embellishments and we'll talk about the possibilities.After your consultation, I'll send you sketches and specifics (including a quote) for each design. You'll choose your favorite, we'll make adjustments if necessary, and the magic will begin! 

Each gown is first made in a cotton muslin to your measurements, and we'll make adjustments to this mock-up until the fit and design are perfect. Your gown will then be made out of the luxury fabrics you chose in the design phase, with multiple fittings along the way to get a perfect, comfortable fit.

When your gown is complete and ready to leave the atelier, it will be wedding-day ready! No alterations needed. We can also create the perfect accessories to compliment your gown such as a veil, cape, sash, and more. 

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Jillian Fellers Custom Wedding Dress

Custom Gown FAQs

How long before my wedding should I order my custom wedding gown?

We recommend scheduling your design consultation 9-12 months before your wedding. Shorter timelines can sometimes be accommodated as our schedule allows, please inquire.

How much does a custom wedding gown cost?

Full custom wedding gowns begin at $2000 with final price determined by the design and the fabrics and embellishments chosen. You will be provided with a quote along with each sketch after your design consultation.

How many fittings will I need for my custom gown?

Fitting amounts will vary, but plan on at least 4 separate fittings over your timeline. We will schedule these fittings with you as far in advance as possible.

Is there a deposit required? Can I split up the payments?

A signed contract and a 50% deposit is required to begin work on your gown. The remaining balance is due before your gown leaves the atelier, and can be made in multiple payments during the construction process if necessary.

Can I change my mind about the design while my gown is being made?

Your contract will include a detailed description of your gown. Changes can be made during the design and muslin phase, and significant changes to the design or fabrication of your gown may require an additional fee. In that case your contract will be updated to reflect the changes. We strongly recommend all changes be made before construction begins on your actual gown as the costs to make the changes may be significantly higher in this phase.

Ready to schedule your design consultation for your bespoke wedding gown? Contact us here or send an email to!